>Educational Tours and Field Trips

Educational Tours and Field Trips
Gentry Tours supports educators and school systems in utilizing location and travel as tools to develop young minds. The benefits of educational trips are invaluable as students can physically view and interact with the subjects of their lesson. We offer a full line of rental and trip options to enhance this experience.

When considering an educational trip, there are many choices available. At Gentry Trailways, we offer an unparalleled degree of saftey and maintenance on all of our vehicles. We have all major animities available in our charter buses, or for day trips, we offer standard school buses. We also offer services for athletic teams. And since price is such an important factor to any trip, we offer a wide range of travel packages at very competative prices.

Educational trips should be both fun and enlightening while maintaining the standards of safty and quality your school upholds. If you are interested in learning more about our Education Trips and vehicles, please call us at (865) 523-2796 or toll free at 1-888-816-2796. Or click below to request a quote.
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